COVID-19 Impact on International Migration

Ihab S KH Jweida
JEL codes: 
F22 - International Migration, J60 - General.
COVID 19 created many problems around the world and it affected everybody including migrants and immigrants. Many countries halted asylum seeker procedure in order to stop COVID 19 spreading but some countries restarted asylum seeker procedure since many people were in dangerous situation and they needed protection. Migrants and immigrants are highly vulnerable and can be infect by COVID 19. Many organizations especially international Organization played and are playing very important role to protect them against COVID 19. Migrants are working in frontline, they are in contact with other people, and the risks are very high to infect by COVID 19. Many of them hit globally very hard because of the COVID 19 especially due to the economic shut downs for example food, accommodating and personal services. Many countries closed their borders and they halted asylum seeker procedure. The number of restrictions and measures that imposed on migrants and immigrants reached 4600 around the world. Many countries have imposed travel ban especially on new comers.
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