The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Simona Ionel Lean Supply Chain Management 2024/06/26
Gabriela Călinescu Redefining the Skills Required on the Labour Market in the Context of the Development of Artificial Intelligence... 2024/06/26
Cătălina Bratosin-Vasilache The Involvement of Diplomatic Missions in Facilitating the International Expansion of Companies 2024/06/26
Usman Gana Analysis of Financial Development and Trade Performance in Nigeria 2024/06/26
Taiwo Victor Ojapinwa The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment Inflow on the Socio-Economic Upgrading of Nigeria 2024/06/26
Maria Gheorghe The Impact of Economic Development on Environmental Pollution in Romania. A Research Based on Kuznets'... 2024/06/26
Ioana Sorina Andreica Country risk and political risk under investigation – recent trends, prospects, and implications 2024/06/26
Andreea Strătilă (Irimia) What Links Retail to Modernity? The Future of Retail - Romanian Case Study A combined Analysis of Consumer Perceptions... 2024/03/26
Mihnea Toncescu The Effects of the Pandemic on Romanian Incoming Tourism 2024/03/26
Ecaterina Tomoiagă Migratory Flows on a Global Scale. An Overview 2024/03/26
Gabriela-Dalila Stoica Trends and Analyzes regarding Vulnerabilities in the Agricultural Sector. A Bibliometric Study 2024/03/26
Iuliana Obreja Bookstagram Tours: Redefining Social Media Marketing in the Publishing Industry in Romania 2024/03/26
Cristian Ianc Post Pandemic Social and Enviormental Resolutions for Romania - New Challenges and Old Methods in the Race for... 2024/03/26
Louisa-Maria Bucur Nexus between ECO-Innovation, Human Development and CO2 Emissions 2024/03/26
Louisa-Maria Bucur Nexus between ECO-Innovation, Human Development and CO2 Emissions 2024/03/26
Elvira Lussana Une autre université pour connaître autrement (Partie II) 2024/01/15
Alexandra Nedelcu The Competitiveness of The Romanian Agri-Food Sector in Comparison with European Countries 2023/12/26
Corneliu-Geoge Iacob The Strategic Repositioning of the European Union in the New Global Geopolitical Context 2023/12/26
Gabriela Călinescu Economic Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Transformation of Education. A Case Study on Estonia 2023/12/26
Anca Gabriela Ilie Men Replaced by Robots? Ethical Issues in Response to Technological Developments: Challenges for CSR 2023/12/26