The Involvement of Diplomatic Missions in Facilitating the International Expansion of Companies

Cătălina Bratosin-Vasilache
JEL codes: 
F14 - Empirical Studies of Trade, F50 - General.
One of the main objectives of diplomatic activities is aimed at fulfilling economic interests and adjusting to global developments, placing economic diplomacy as a key priority of foreign policy. As of late, there has been a growing interest regarding the diplomatic representations, as actors of economic diplomacy, and the role they hold in increasing foreign trade, attracting foreign direct investments or expanding the presence of companies on foreign markets. Decision makers and academic representatives call attention to the benefits that economic diplomacy, through the activity employed by diplomatic missions, can bring to the field of economic international relations. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to underline the contribution of diplomatic representations in the growth of national companies in the international markets, based on the qualitative and quantitative research studies on the subject of economic diplomacy.
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