The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Sinem Koçak Is Exchange Rate Volatility An Important Determinant Of Tax Revenues? Evidence From Turkey 2021/09/30
Iseghohi Judith Omon Migrant Remittances and Health Outcomes in the West Africa Monetary Zones (WAMZ) 2021/09/30
Iseghohi Judith Omon Migrant Remittances and Health Outcomes in the West Africa Monetary Zones (WAMZ) 2021/09/30
Isah Wada Institutional Quality and Tourism Growth Nexus in MENA Countries 2021/09/30
Marius Trăistaru The Main Measures Adopted by Romania between 2000-2007 to achieve the Strategic Objectives (Accession to the EU and... 2021/06/25
Cristina Porumboiu The Importance of Clusters for the Development of New Industries 2021/06/25
Dragoş Danţiş Possible Directions of Evolution for Banking Activity in European Union under the Impact of Blockchain Technology 2021/06/25
Bogdan Chiripuci East-West Disparities on the Romanian Labor Market under the Influence of Globalization and Entrepreneurship 2021/06/25
Ebhote Oseremen Long-Term Relationship Building and Customer Switching Behaviour in the Mobile Telecommunication Industry in Nigeria 2021/06/25
Bouzid Amaira Real Effective Exchange Rate Misalignment of the Tunisian dinar 2021/06/25
Cosmin Ivascu The Role of European Funds in the Economic Development 2021/03/29
Dragos Dantis Project Management Challenges in Implementing Business Intelligence Approach inside Organizations 2021/03/29
Corina Dimitriu Interference of Technology in the Fine Art Market 2021/03/29
Gabriel Căriman Economic Aspects of COVID-19 Medical Crisis 2021/03/29
Bogdan Chiripuci Analysis of the Workforce in Macroregion Two and Macroregion Four 2021/03/29
Victor Danciu Adapting and Modernizing the Post-Covid Marketing Policy Under the Impact of Consumption Challenges 2021/03/29
Kianoosh Moradi Brand Communications and Customer Equity: The Mediating Role of Brand Knowledge and Word of Mouth Ads 2020/12/18
Valentin Burca Assessment of Quality of Financial Statements, using Exploratory Factor Analysis 2020/12/18
Md. Sayemul Islam Role of Agriculture and Manufacturing Sectors in the Economic Growth of Bangladesh and India: An ARDL Approach 2020/12/18
Sambas Ade Kesuma Online Shopping Customer Behavior in Indonesia: a Survey on Accounting Students 2020/12/18