Migrant Remittances and Health Outcomes in the West Africa Monetary Zones (WAMZ)

Iseghohi Judith Omon
JEL codes: 
F24 - Remittances, F29 - Other, O55 - Africa.
This study investigated the impact of international migrant remittances on life expectancy rate for countries of West Africa Monetary Zones (WAMZ). Panel data set for the period (1990-2020) were used for the analysis. The study estimated pooled ordinary least square, fixed effect models, random effect models and pooled mean group estimate. The pooled mean group estimates showed that migrant remittance as a share of the gross domestic product has significant positive impact on life expectancy rate in both short and long-run. The result showed that in the, a 1% increase in migrant remittance as a share of the GDP will cause life expectancy rate to rise by 4.003% in the short-run, but 9.896% in the long-run. Other factors which include per capita income, HIV/AIDS and out-of-pocket health spending all significantly influence life expectancy rate at birth. We recommend that policies should be articulated that will incentivize remitting money home, and that the costs of remitting money home should be made less, while the channels improved on.
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