Role of Organizational Diagnosis in Improving Employee- Centred Strategies in the IT&C Sector

Daniel Metz
JEL codes: 
M12 - Personnel Management; Executive Compensation, M14 - Corporate Culture; Social Responsibility, M15 - IT Management.
The paper pleads for the importance of organizational diagnosis in order to develop new employee-centred strategies. In order to remain competitive, especially in the COVID-19 context, organizations from the IT&C industry needs to improve employee-centred strategies and to align the business processes with these strategies. The empirical research aims to provide through quantitative and qualitative sources an accurate picture of the organizational diagnosis in order to adapt suitable HR processes. The study uses 300 employee responses from the IT&C industry in order to draw the positive elements (eg. good perception of organizational leadership, excellent communication in teams and satisfaction towards adaption to COVID-19 pandemic) and areas to improve (such as for example: workload, internal bureaucracy and integration as well as adaptability and organizational change) resulted from the organizational diagnosis.
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