The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Constantin Schipor The Welfare State Development: Romania - between Perceptions and Reality 2018/06/30
Diana Ramona Popescu Strengths and Weaknesses in the Activity of County Chambers of Commerce from the Perspective of Romanian Small and... 2018/06/30
Cristian Dîrvă Managing Resilience to Change in Merger and Acquisitions 2018/06/30
Victor Danciu The Changing Focus of Green Marketing: From Ecological to Sustainable Marketing (III) 2018/06/30
Narinder Pal Singh Global Financial Crisis and Price Risk Management in Gold Futures Market- Evidences from Indian & US Markets 2018/06/29
Francis Lwesya Export Diversification and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania 2018/06/29
Chukwuma Stephen Chukwudumebi The Significance of Fringe Benefits on Employee Morale and Productivity 2018/06/29
Kamel Helali A New Assessment of the Non-Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment and Capacity Utilization in Tunisia 2018/06/29
Abu Hasan The Dynamics of Electricity Consumption, Energy Use and GDP in Bangladesh 2018/06/29
Sonia Budz Opportunities and Challenges of the Relationship between Quality of Services and Social Media 2018/06/29
Dana Blideanu The Entrepreneurial Culture in Europe - New Challenges in the New Economy 2018/06/29
Violeta Iftinchi The Pros and Cons of Using Joint Ventures as a Tool to Mitigate Political Risks in Developing Countries 2018/03/29
Victor Danciu The Green Marketing Focus Changing: From Ecological to Sustainable Marketing (II) 2018/03/29
Marwa Sahnoun Does Health Expenditure Increase Economic Growth: Evidence from Tunisia 2018/03/29
Samir Saidi Do Transport Infrastructures Promote the Foreign Direct Investments Attractiveness? Empirical Investigation from Four... 2018/03/29
Pranvera Mulla An Examination of the Occurrence of Speculative Bubbles in the US Stock Markets 2018/03/29
Manamba Epaphra An Econometric Analysis of the Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Africa 2018/03/29
Lívia Benita Kiss The Economic Development of the Visegrad Four in the Last 15 Years in the European Union 2018/03/29
Olta Kapllani Proda The Impact of Tourism Development Strategies in Touristic Demand/Supply, the Case of Saranda, Albania 2018/03/29
Doltu Claudiu Romania’s Membership of International Financial Institutions – a Necessary Change 2018/03/29