The Welfare State Development: Romania - between Perceptions and Reality

Constantin Schipor
Georgiana-Loredana Frecea
JEL codes: 
I31 - General Welfare, I32 - Measurement and Analysis of Poverty, M14 - Corporate Culture; Social Responsibility.
The present paper brings a new insight in the welfare state development analysis in Romania, considering the political influences, the macroeconomic challenges and the comparative position with the former communist states of Central and Eastern Europe. Although these countries have experienced the transition period to the market economy from similar circumstances, the main assumptions of this paper state different levels of economic openness and involvement in the globalisation process. According to the common features identified in the welfare states in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, this paper will synthesize the most important indicators of the welfare state dynamism in Romania, creating new links with the public and corporate interventions and offering a clear insight in the recent evolution of european social economic models. The main findings of this paper establish new links in the Romanian welfare state analysis, providing the necessary tools to adjust both the theory and practice through a constant remodeling of social and economic policies.
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