The Role of Information Management in the Corporate Development and Controlling of the Smart Cities

László Attila Csapó
Márton Czikkely
Péter Földi
JEL codes: 
O12 - Microeconomic Analyses of Economic Development, O32 - Management of Technological Innovation and R&D, O43 - Institutions and Growth.
"Today the development is so fast that if someone declares that 'this is impossible', the other person interrupts, and says 'we have already solved it'" (Einstein, 1949). The above quote, although it is already several decades old, perfectly fits today as well. Krauth (2008) draws attention to how quickly the use of Internet services extends to the field of human policy works (e.g. recruitment, payroll). The widespread use of the Internet as well as the subsequent, explosive development accelerated the processes, which resulted in a development of incredible speed in the world of information technology. More and more amount of information is generated in our daily lives. But what exactly is the information? How does the the information management work at the companies of the smart cities? Do we really properly use the large quantities of generated information? Do the controlling systems of the companies keep pace with the technology as well? Our study seeks the answer to these questions.
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