Culture and Economy Aspects of the Spheres of the Society

Éva Balázs
JEL codes: 
P16 - Political Economy, P51 - Comparative Analysis of Economic Systems, Z12 - Religion.
In the course of my research I conducted at the Doctoral School of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (MATE), I examined the role of feelings, emotions, attitudes, and motivations in respect of economic processes and decisions. Within this in connection with the cultural relationships of development, I looked for the answer to the following question. If the economic development level of countries (groups of countries) is different from each other, up to what extent we may consider the differences as having been determined by the cultural nature of the economy. Studying the literature and especially the work of János Kornai (1999, 2022) highlighted that it is not sufficient to investigate only the area of culture for differentiating the environmental impacts, but it is also necessary to explore additional elements of the societal system (politics, economics, culture, ideology). Therefore, in our own research, we review the responses that are given by the theoretical approaches from the aspect of the spheres of the society.
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