East-West Disparities on the Romanian Labor Market under the Influence of Globalization and Entrepreneurship

Bogdan Chiripuci
Mădălina Elena Deaconu
Marius Constantin
Albert Scrieciu
JEL codes: 
F60 - General, J10 - General.
The East-West Romanian labor market disparities occurred and have been amplified by the rapid regional economic progress based on entrepreneurial spirit, corroborated with specific market opportunities. The end of the second millenium marked the liberalization of the Romanian labor market due to the transition from the planned economy to the open economy. As a result of this transition, the economic globalization phenomenon occurred and shaped Romania, both positively and negatively. However, at the beginning of the twenty-third century, some Romanian economic sectors are facing serious issues as far as the labor force is concerned, or rather the lack of labor force. The objective of this research paper was to explore the East-West Romanian labor market disparities under the influence of globalization and entrepreneurship through the lens of socio-economic indicators. Results confirm that the Eastern Romania is encountering serious labor issues with direct effect on particular economic sectors.
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