Going Global. Focus Shipbuilding Industry in Romania

Paraschiv, Dorel Mihai
Cărăgin, Andreea
Marinoiu, Ana Maria
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F23 - Multinational Firms; International Business, M16 - International Business Administration.
The purpose of this article is to analyze the reasons for going global from the company perspective and to show how a good logistics management can help to obtain efficiency of operations by the integration of all material acquisition, movement, and storage activities. When transportation and inventory costs are substantial on both the input and output sides of the production process, an emphasis on logistics is appropriate. In this case location is a key factor in cutting costs with logistics and producing and selling with competitive prices. From this point of view Romania has a strategic location, Constanţa port being in the heart of Europe and focusing on reducing transportation cots and helping companies develop global strategies by reducing supply chain costs. One characteristic of global companies is the pressure for production costs. This can be realized by choosing appropriate logistic locations in order to improve logistics management.
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