Impact of Digitalization on Economic Diplomacy: Mega-Trends and opportunities

Laura Benchea
JEL codes: 
O33 - Technological Change: Choices and Consequences; Diffusion Processes, O39 - Other, Z19 - Other.
The accelerated process of innovation and diffusion of digital technologies over the last decades has greatly impacted all areas of society, becoming one of the most significant socio-economic phenomena of the contemporary world, transforming the way things are done, businesses are developed, or diplomatic goals are achieved. Economic diplomacy has been transformed in numerous ways, with new tools, actors and processes being involved, and with an ongoing increase of awareness in its opportunities as well as potential risks. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the impact digitalization has on economic diplomacy under the pressure of digitalization and the related “products” of the digital world (such as Big Data), and to identify, in perspective, the mega-trends and opportunities that shape economic diplomacy in the digital age.
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