Impactul economic al sistemelor de sănătate

Dragoi, Cristina
Miron, Dumitru
Publication date: 
Health, in a wider sense cannot be separated from economic development and quality of life. The relations between health, economy and progress are complex and coexist in a total interdependence, health being both a sine qua non condition and an effect of economic development. The relation between health, economy and quality of life is extremely dynamic and therefore it represents the focus of many national and international organizations. The European Union has imposed several objectives in order to improve the quality of life and health of its citizens. The main domains reffer to life as a whole: environment, sustainable growth of agriculture and fishing, of healthy alimentation, of elder persons’ welfare, fighting against contagious diseases and also the competitiveness of the european bio-industry. Health is not a purpose itself but a condition for the quality of life and a way through which people can participate to economic and social development; the latter also depends on the health of those who take part in the productiv process and in the socio-cultural life.
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