The Link between Mission and Performance Management System – Empirical Results from an ITC Company

Daniel Metz
JEL codes: 
M10 - General, M12 - Personnel Management; Executive Compensation, M14 - Corporate Culture; Social Responsibility, M15 - IT Management.
It is becoming very clear that the ITC industry is setting trends in the global economy as regards the strength of national economies, bearing in mind that in the future, digitally driven innovation will virtually be the benchmark of a nation’s, region’s or even continent’s economic performance. Thus, a strong organisational culture, based on a clear purpose and direction, together with a system of core values shared by the members of the organisation, facilitates the achievement of strategic objectives at high performance standards and is a strong source of internal stability and integration. In such a context, this study seeks to present results from an extensive research project, the overall purpose of which was to develop a model for assessing the impact of organisational culture on organisational performance, based on non-financial performance indicators in a multinational ITC company. Specifically, it examines the relationship between mission, as a feature of organisational culture according to Denison’s model, and performance management system. Among the main results which emerged, it should be noted that good statistical links were identified between the variables analysed, i.e., the mission had a strong influence on the performance management system in the company under study.
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