Manage ment by projects and its implications for the model of employment – the Polish perspective

Bąk-Grabowska, Dominika
Piwowar-Sulej, Katarzyna
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J53 - Labor–Management Relations; Industrial Jurisprudence, M54 - Labor Management.
The article raises the issue of creating employment in project-oriented organizations(POO) considering Polish conditions. It has been assumed that the demands of a specific project influence the condition and forms of employment (the model of employment) in all POO. Management by projects (MBP) with regard to the characteristics of projects requires using flexible– the so-called non-employment –forms of employment. As shown in the presented research results non-employment contracts are not a preferred form. It can also influence the occurrence of problems in project realization. One of the essential prerequisites for exploring the given subject is its marginal depiction in the subject literature.
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