Managementul imigraţiei economice şi al integrării imigranţilor în România

Popescu, Dan
Chivu, Iulia
Pătraşcă, Mihaela
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A13 - Relation of Economics to Social Values, A23 - Graduate.
The economic and technological developments have led to a growing international demand for highlz skilled human resources. The increased competition for human capital has determined numerous countries to take special measures for attrating and retaining human in such fiels as:information technologz, biotechnologz, marketing, management and health care. These measures have stimulated the economic imigration of skilled professionals, especially from less developed to more developed economies. In this study we analzse the implication of the expats presence in Romania employeed on full-time jobs, individual working contracts and of the expats involved on economic, profesional or comercial activities.
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