Men, Money and Household Economy: How Behavioral Approach Explain It

Sunardi Sunardi
Theresia Woro Damayanti
Supramono Supramono
JEL codes: 
D14 - Personal Finance, G00 - General.
For various reasons, men set aside a certain proportion of their income without being known by their wives or commonly known as ‘husband’s money.’ However, husband’s money often causes household problems. In this respect, this study aims to analyze factors that influence men to have husband’s money. This study employed a field survey and obtained as many as 322 postgraduate students as respondents. Data Analysis used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results showed that the decision to have husband’s money was influenced by intention. Later, such intention was affected by the attitude towards husband’s money, subjective norms, and the ease of owning husband’s money or perceived behavioral control. Other results showed that most households had husband’s money obtained from non-salary income and it was used to meet their personal needs and investment purposes. Moreover, this study found a mental accounting phenomenon because there were different types of utilization of husband’s money based on its sources
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