Overtıme ın the Prıvate Sector ın Turkey: an Analyze by Tobıt Model

Mustafa Ünlü
Şenay Üçdoğruk Birecikli
JEL codes: 
C24 - Truncated and Censored Models; Switching Regression Models, J01 - Labor Economics: General.
Overtime in the private sector in Turkey is the working hours which excess of 45 hours performed by individuals aged 18 and over. The paper is one of the studies that use the individual overtime periods in the private sector. Our purpose is to see the reasons for doing overtime by applying Tobit analysis with demographic and socioeconomic variables. In this context, it has benefited from the data obtained from the Household Labor Force survey conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute between 2014-2017. When the results of the analysis were examined, it was found that while the age of a person increases the overtime decreases and illustrates a concave function; as the level of education increases, the overtime decreases, also it is concluded that especially in the service and the mining sector and when the number of employees is between 10 to 20, and those whose wages are below the average wage are doing overtime.
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