Performanţă şi eficienţă: Cheltuieli publice în învăţământul superior. Studiu comparativ: Învăţământ Public vs. Învăţământ Privat în România

Ilie, Anca Gabriela
Dumitriu, Dan
Sârbu, Roxana
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H00 - General, H52 - Government Expenditures and Education, H59 - Other, I20 - General, I21 - Analysis of Education, I22 - Educational Finance.
Romania’s education system is at a cross-road. Important sector reforms initiated after the fall of communism – including curriculum changes, student assessment, teacher training, finance and governance - need to continue to improve education outcomes. However, Romania’s integration into the European Union (EU) will place new demands on the country’s human capital, creating new challenges for the sector. Connected to the tendencies existing at a European level, the paper presents the legislative- normative framework of ensuring the quality of state and private educational services in Romanian Universities. The public – expenditure and a provision on education is a key element of a policy to promote broad-based economic growth. The conclusions of this paper have significant implications for policy makers, employers and students because understanding that the educational system must be characterized by better quality and efficiency is fundamental for our economic future.
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