Relaţia explicaţie- predicţie: două perspective complementare

Popa, Florin
Publication date: 
The paper presents two distinc perspectives regarding the nature of explanation in science: the explanation based on the covering law model and the morfodynamic apprach, and tries to give the limits of their applicability. The first model offers a structure of the explanation based on logic adequacy criteria of the explanans to the explanandum and the assumption of symmetry between the explanation and prediction. The second is essentially qualitative and holistic, and the explanation and prediction are separate. In stead of giving exact predictions, that will help human intervention and technological usage, the morfodynamic approach offers information on the trends, overall development of the system under study or the breaking points in its evolution. The significant differences between the two models are not incommensurable but complementary in offering a nonreductionist understanting on the structure and nature of explanation in science.
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