Relationship marketing with the supply chain a prerequisite for business sustainability

Anghel, Laurenţiu-Dan
Constantinescu, Mihaela
Căescu, Ștefan Claudiu
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M31 - Marketing.
The supply chain is a network of suppliers, production capacities, warehouses, wholesale and retail centres through which the raw materials are purchased, transformed and delivered to consumers and users. In order to integrate the commercial and economic activities at the supply chain level there is a need of developing tight relationships between the customer and the supplier. Therefore, it is justified to approach the supply chain from a relationship perspective and the relationship marketing tools are perfectly applicable on the business to business market. A relationship oriented approach of the supply chain can create value for all stakeholders; therefore bring a substantial contribution to the sustainability of the business, through objectives such as social equity, economic efficiency and environmental performance. This paper emphasizes the results of a research regarding the manner in which Romanian companies from the business to business market are using relationship marketing to build and develop the relationship with their suppliers.
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