Role of managerial staff in success of the enterprise and importance of small and medium enterprises  SME in economic development

Dr. Sc. Labeat Mustafa
JEL codes: 
M12 - Personnel Management; Executive Compensation, M29 - Other, M53 - Training, O1 - Economic Development.
Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) in Kosovo together with recon-structuring and privatization of economy are considered among main factors for realizing of strategic goals for economic development of the country. Successful enterprises are one of the factors for economic development. In Kosovo major number of enterprises does not reach to pass with success phases of expanding or its development. Based to statistical data from Statistic Agency of Kosovo, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Central Bank of Kosovo comes out that a big part of registered enterprises extinct on the second phase of the expansion. This study addresses the importance of managerial staff, which is considered to be the key to enterprise success which means that good management is an orientation for the road to its success. On this study were used results from quantitative research analyses (quantitative) where data collection was done through questionnaire. Were used describing statistics from Statistic Agency of Kosovo - SAK, Agency for Business registration of Kosovo- ABRK, Central Bank of Kosovo etc. Also was used theoretical, scientific literature from studies of conferences as well as national and international scientific journals.
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