The role of promotional strategies for small and medium - sized entreprises in sustainable marketing

Popescu, Ioana Cecilia
Vrânceanu, Diana Maria
Roșca, Mihai Ioan
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D21 - Firm Behavior: Theory, L21 - Business Objectives of the Firm, M31 - Marketing, M37 - Advertising.
In Romania, small and medium-sized enterprises manifest a certain interest in marketing activities, resulted in the existence of a specific marketing structure in half of them, as attests a survey done on a sample of 140 organizations. This research, focused on understanding the promotional strategies and tactics used by Romanian small and medium-sized enterprises, concluded that communication is oriented predominantly to quantitative objectives, not designed according to sustainable marketing principles. These organizations are less attracted by innovative communication methods, manifesting a resistance at novelty, caused by the lack of information or by prudence.
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