Rolul ştiinţei în dezvoltarea societăţii europene a cunoaşterii

Bari, Ioan
Publication date: 
Science and Society is a new general domain in the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme for research (FP6), that is to be developed much further in the FP7. However, science and society is not an entirely new area. Several science and society issues were covered in FP5, such as the "improving human potential" initiative, gender issues and raising public awareness or ethical issues. As such, research in this domain blends several elements from the past while introducing new areas and priorities for Science and Society in FP7. We will focus mainly on the role of research and governance in a knowledge-based society, helping create an environment where: the public at large – especially young people – are more aware, informed and excited about science, scientific effort is naturally open to public concerns and aspirations, both policy-makers and citizens can make informed choices from the range of options presented by knowledge progress. This paper draws its inspiration from the fact that Europeans feel underinformed about science and research, youngsters are turning away from scientific studies and careers and people misunderstand, and sometimes mistrust, scientists and their activities.
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