Rolul organizaţiilor internaţionale în asigurarea securităţii ecologice

Boloma, Cătălina
Publication date: 
There are no international organizations specially created to deal environmental security or with the relationship between security and environment. The activities within the international organizations are concentrated either on the larger field of environmental protection and development issues (UN, EU, ODCE) or on the security issues, which encompassed the soft security dimension in the last years (NATO, OSCE). Analyzing the international organizations with preoccupations in the field of environment and security, one can notice that there are several initiatives with the same object of activity, that there is little concentration on the link between security and environment, as well as a constant lack of sufficient financial resources to promote concrete projects. Moreover, there is limited coordination among UN structures, as well as among all international bodies dealing with environmental protection and security. Although NATO and OSCE are under permanent criticisms regarding their internal incapacity to reform, the two organizations prove to have better adapted themselves to the new challenges to the international security than UN and EU. In the environmental security fields, these two organizations have already promoted concrete projects, in order to solve the problems of their member and partner states.
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