Sea Cruises as a New Branch of the Tourism Industry in Albania and in the Region of Saranda

Rakela Thano
Mirela Ujkani
JEL codes: 
E22 - Capital; Investment; Capacity, Z19 - Other.
Tourism offers, for small and rural communities, significant opportunities for social and economic development. Cruise industry creates jobs and income for tourist destinations. The Mediterranean region is an important market for the global cruise industry. Albania is oriented in coastal tourism, cultural tourism and nature tourism. In coastal tourism involved and cruise tourism, that is a new industry in Albania. Albanian ports are investing in infrastructure to suit international travel. Port of Saranda is a "clean port", he has an ideal geographical position for "port of call" for the international tourist ships. The aim of the study is to analyze the development of cruise tourism in Albania, in the region of Saranda and the effects of this industry in the tourist destination. The study period is: 2009-2015. The data are taken from the Port of Saranda, JSC. Through analysis descriptive and comparative, using existing statistical data from official sources secondary, we have concluded that the industry of cruisers is a new branch of tourism for the region of Saranda, which is being developed with the fast rhythms and has positive effects for the region.
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