Strategic marketing positioning of Ohrid

Nikola Cuculeski
Nikola Cuculeski
JEL codes: 
M30 - General, O10 - General.
Having in mind the fact that tourism is an industry that involves the work of lots of providers, it is of great importance to especially analyse the strategic marketing approach of a destination. That should be done in order to improve the image and the position in the mind of the consumer. This paper has the aim to show an overview of the strategy in marketing overall, as well as the image that Ohrid has as a destination in terms of tourism. The SWOT analysis provides efforts in order to improve the image and to help in the strategy creation and positioning in terms of tourism. The paper is ought to be part of a bigger research project in this regard, a research project that should help Ohrid in the pursue of gaining a distinctive image and proper marketing strategy.
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