Supply Chains Reconfiguration in a Post-Pandemic Era: An Exploratory Bibliometric Analysis

Mihaela Gabriela Belu
JEL codes: 
F40 - General, F49 - Other, M16 - International Business Administration.
In an unstable global business environment, reconfiguring global supply chains is a necessary step. Supply chain reconfiguration gives the supply chain the ability to adapt quickly; new supply chain structures allow for increased responsiveness and flexibility to deal with disruptions. The main objective of this paper is to identify the research interest in the area regarding the supply chain reconfiguration. The study is based on a quantitative research method, namely bibliometric analysis. By querying the existing database on the Scopus platform, scientific papers (research articles, books, papers presented at conferences) containing the keywords in the title, abstract, or in the keywords of the documents have been identified. The research results confirm the increasing academic interest in supply chain reconfiguration.
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