The Temporal Organization Grid: A New Classification System of Temporary Organizations

Vallari Chandna
JEL codes: 
M10 - General, O30 - General.
With the increased recognition of the key role played by time in processes and outcomes, there has been a renewed focus on temporary organizations. Temporary organizational forms tend to receive attention due to certain characteristics that are unique to them, as compared to permanent organizations, with regard to issues like trust, communication, organizational structure, innovation and creativity among others. They have also been known to generate significant benefits for the organizations participating in them. But to study them in detail, a comprehensive classification system of temporary organizations is needed, which has so far been missing in the extant literature. This paper sets forth a classification grid for temporary organizations which is its primary purpose and also examines the different strategically important variables that further define the typological framework and that act as determinants of success of these temporary organizations.
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