How to submit a paper


This is a short guide for authors on how to add a new paper into this website. The guide is presenting the procedure step by step.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by logging into the website and sending private messages to the editorial team. In the following, REJ will stand for Romanian Economic Journal, user refers to you, the System refers to the REJ website.


You should have a modern Javascript-capable browser on your computer, like Google Chrome or Mozila Firefox. Safari will be ok, while Internet Explorer is known to have some problems.


Step 1.

You have to register an user account on REJ.

Then, you have to log in into your account.

Step 2.

Get your paper document ready on your computer and open it in your text editor (LibreOffice Writer, Openoffice Writer, Microsoft Word, or such).

Step 3.

Click on the Add content link in the Navigation menu in the left of the screen. A paper form will open, where you must fill in a few fields, as follows.

Step 4.

In the Title field(edit box), please write the title of your paper.

Step 5.

Fill in the Authors field. This field can receive one or many author names. Every time you click inside the edit box, you can add an author. Do not forget to add yourself in the list. This is the only place in this paper form where your are allowed to mention the authors names.

Step 6.

Choose the Area of research for your paper, by clicking inside the edit box and choosing one of the 7 areas.

Step 7.

In the Keywords field, you must enter a few keywords (2 to 5), which define your paper. Write the keywords separated by comma (E.g. openness, economic activity, agriculture). It is possible that your keywords already exist in the database. You also may add new keywords - they will be automatically added to the REJ database.

Step 8.

Choose some JEL codes from the list, by clicking in the JEL codes edit box.

Step 9.

Fill the Abstract field, by writing a few ideas on your paper. There should be no more than 250 words.

Step 10.

In the field Full manuscript text, please enter the full text of your manuscript, using copy and paste operations, as follows:

Open your manuscript in Word or other word processor.

Select all content and copy it.

In this field here, insert your manuscript by clicking the "Paste from Word" button from the toolbar above (the "W" button in the 3rd group of buttons on the manuscript editor toolbar) .

The full manuscript text must have at least 1500 words and no more than 3000 words.

Frequent problems:
Be informed that your figures will not be pasted ! You have to upload each of the figures, one by one, in the Attachments field found below.
Then you have to insert each figure inside the field Full manuscript text, as follows: click in the text, at the position where you want to insert. Then click the Insert button found beside every file in the Attachments field.

You may add footnotes, using the special button on the editor's toolbar.

Step 11.

You must agree to the Originality Statement presented, by clicking one option.

Step 12.

Upload you original manuscript file (the DOC file, or ODT or other common file type), in the Origin paper file field below.

Step 13.

Save your paper. After saving, the system will lock the paper in 1 hour, in order to prevent modifications and will start processing it.

If you need to work more time on this paper form, remember to save it from time to time, in order to reset the time counter, and prevent the automatic locking.

Please note that for checking the articles received we are running a specialized anti-plagiarism software used by other prestigious institutions.

On the reviews:

As soon as your paper receives a review, you will be notified by messages. So please log on this website to check the process status. Of course, you may choose to receive emails for every message you get. Go to your profile to make this option.