Challenges of Tuition fee’s decision: Private Universities case in Kosovo

Shahini, Besa
Azemi, Yllka
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A22 - Undergraduate, C80 - General, J18 - Public Policy, J78 - Public Policy, M30 - General, N30 - General, International, or Comparative.
This study assesses Challenges that Private Universities in Kosovo face when employing tuition fee strategies. Data are collected on May - June 2012 through in-depth interview and questioners with supervisors and students of three Private Universities in Kosovo. As of low purchasing power of students and overall economic crises in Kosovo, students are very sensitive to pricing strategies employed and according to fee they evaluate before and after-enrollment assessment. Students’academic expectations are much higher relative to their low tuition requirements. In transition economies, employing tuition strategies that satisfy both Universities and students is a challenge for higher educational institutions.
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