Corporate Reputation: How it Works for Company’s Performance

Victor Danciu
JEL codes: 
D64 - Altruism; Philanthropy, M14 - Corporate Culture; Social Responsibility, M31 - Marketing.
The increasing pressures of society, consumers, investors and employees on companies to behave more ethical and socially responsible can be easily noticed every day. Under such circumstances, the businesses find that the corporate reputation is more important than ever. This paper focuses on analysis of the corporate reputation and its effects on company’s performance in the new conditions imposed by the stakeholders. First, the analysis emphasizes the contribution Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) might have on Corporate Reputation (CR) by communicating the good causes of CSR. Then, the results the corporate reputation has and also the role of Cause Related Marketing (CRM) in enhancing corporate reputation on company’s performance are revealed in a detailed way.
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