Development of an Integrated Framework for Evaluating International Services Trade Competitiveness: The Case of Romania

Bobircă, Ana
Cristureanu, Cristina
Miclăuş, Paul Gabriel
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JEL codes: 
F14 - Empirical Studies of Trade, F59 - Other.
International competitiveness receives much attention nowadays, but until recently its assessment has been heavily based on goods trade statistics. This paper addresses the need for competitiveness indicators that cover services trade and sets out initial proposals for developing a multilevel integrated framework to measure international services trade competitiveness. The approach undertaken here aims at examining the international competitiveness of the Romanian services trade and its structure of specialization on the EU-25 services market. In other words, this research attempts to identify Romania's ability to overcome difficulties and challenges that might arise from the hard competition within the enlarged EU, in the field of foreign trade in services. The primary changes in the international competitiveness of three major services sub-sectors in Romania – transport, travel, and other services - are analyzed.
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