Dynamics of FDI, Technological Transformation and Environmental Degradation in Developing Countries: A Panel Analysis

Farwa Amjad
Bilal Mehmood
JEL codes: 
F23 - Multinational Firms; International Business.
This paper examines the relationship between FDI, technology and environment with an assessment of aggregated relationship, by technical composition and the mode of technology transferability through FDI. A panel data for 19 developing countries has been used to for 14 years of data. The empirical results have suggested that FDI is the significant variable in explaining the carbon emission in developing countries followed by energy consumption and technology transformation. Our findings suggest that to manage both energy consumption and FDI flows via investment in research and development (RDY) or energy efficiency demand to reduce CO2 emissions is not possible without stringent environmental regulations and without retaining the developing countries’ competitiveness.
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