European Union’s Dependency on Russian Energy. Geopolitical Considerations

Neguţ, Silviu
Neacşu, Marius Cristian
Mionel, Viorel
Publication date: 
Russia is not a military or economic superpower anymore, but is still an energy superpower. It’s advantage? Russia controls the access to the energy resources on its own territory and the ones in its “close vicinity”. Considering the geostrategic energy resources, the Caspian Sea is a “Russian lake” or a “mare nostrum”. Bearing in mind that the Middle East is under “American control” and in conflict for thirty years, and China became a “black hole” in this field, absorbing anything it can, the Caspian area appeared for the European consumers “the promised land” of energy, especially after the implosion of the communist system. Now, here we find the most important international actors: Russia, USA, European Union and China. Will the Caspian area become a new “Middle East”?
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