Exchange Rate, Interest Rate and Ricardian Equivalence Evidence from Pakistan

Waqas, Muhammad
Awan, Masood Sarwar
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E4 - Money and Interest Rates, E6 - Macroeconomic Policy, Macroeconomic Aspects of Public Finance, and General Outlook.
The aim of this study is to investigate the validity of Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis in Pakistan by using annual data from 1973-2010. In our previous studies we investigated the Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis and its sources of deviation in Pakistan by using Structural Consumption function and Euler Equation approach.The present study investigated this hypothesis in terms of rate of interest and exchange rate. Results of Auto Regressive Distributed Lag cointegration investigate the long run relationship among variables. By using OLS technique this study rejected Ricardian Equivalence Hypothesis in case of Pakistan. The findings of the study demonstrate the focus towards the significance of fiscal policies in raising private consumption and controlling budget deficits.
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