Fiscal and Monetaty Policy Measures to Ensure Price Stability

Magdalena, Lucica
Talvan, Mihai
Lupu, Adriana
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E52 - Monetary Policy, E62 - Fiscal Policy, E63 - Comparative or Joint Analysis of Fiscal and Monetary Policy; Stabilization; Treasury Policy, E66 - General Outlook and Conditions.
The study aims to offer a clear and suggestive view of the stage in which we can find the Romanian economy in terms of performance of the main objective of the macroeconomic policy–ensuring the price stability In the context of an unstable economic environment, one of the reasons for choosing this theme is the need to understand and acquire the mechanisms related to monetary and fiscal policy measures to be taken to ensure price stability. Economic and financial crisis has stressed more concerns on the sustainability of the tax system and monetary policy to answer of the economic pulse. The maintenance of a favorable economic environment is the key to a sustainable economic growth eventually leading to the convergence of revenues towards the levels attained by the other European Member States.An optimal mix between fiscal-budgetary policy and monetary policy may contribute to restore the macroeconomic equilibrium capable of managing financial turbulences from the international market. Sustaining a favorable economic environment is the key to robust economic growth.
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