Globalization of Climate Risks

Răzvan Murariu
Radu Filip
JEL codes: 
Q15 - Land Ownership and Tenure; Land Reform; Land Use; Irrigation; Agriculture and Environment, Q18 - Agricultural Policy; Food Policy, Q54 - Climate; Natural Disasters; Global Warming, Q57 - Ecological Economics: Ecosystem Services; Biodiversity Conservation; Bioeconomics; Industrial Ecology.
This article also aims to highlight the strategic implications of the long-term global climate change related trends for the development of the agricultural sector in Romania, arguing the need for a smart strategy in terms of climate change. Also briefly presented are the challenges related to climate change and the implications for Romania and the strategic directions assumed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Strategy for Medium and Long-term Agri-Food Sector Development in the 2020-2030 horizon.
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