The Importance of Clusters for the Development of New Industries

Cristina Porumboiu
JEL codes: 
L52 - Industrial Policy; Sectoral Planning Methods, O3 - Technological Change; Research and Development; Intellectual Property Rights, O32 - Management of Technological Innovation and R&D.
This paper aims to present how new industries have emerged taking advantage of related businesses crowded in specific areas - first, through a review of the current literature on the evolution of industries within clusters; second, through a case study that disseminates the theoretical findings. Undoubtedly, as the findings of previous studies have shown, new industries are increasingly important to the world economy due to their technological power of modernization. Because their potential is as great as their uncertain outlook, it is no surprise that these new industries are growing within clusters, already confirmed in the literature as drivers of competitiveness and economic development.
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