Mediterranean Way of Competitiveness

Kovačič, Art
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O11 - Macroeconomic Analyses of Economic Development, O24 - Trade Policy; Factor Movement Policy; Foreign Exchange Policy, O38 - Government Policy, O57 - Comparative Studies of Countries.
The Mediterranean area have a special concept of competitiveness topic.Normally is that region not so industrial and knowledge based oriented as a North Europe.That countries can't reach the same development level as the north one. Lisbon's and Goethenburg's strategies create the main framework of development programme. Mediterranean programme is such a case. European internal market has forced the EU countries to increase competitiveness.The economic prosperity of countries is associated with their ability to generate or attract economic activities which are able to increase income by performing well on the market. Financial crisis in the EU has changed the look on the competitiveness research. Economy in the main countries has to find way of recovery. Former giants of the financial world have found themselves suddenly facing bankruptcy.Inevitably, the crisis is also having an effect on households and businesses -economic growth has slowed sharply and in some EU countries unemployment has begun to increase for the first time in several years. Form that perspective we have to find the right solution of European competitiveness.
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