Online Shopping Customer Behavior in Indonesia: a Survey on Accounting Students

Sambas Ade Kesuma
Risanty Kesuma
Abdillah Arif Nasution
Muhammad Husni Epriel
JEL codes: 
M15 - IT Management, M30 - General, M31 - Marketing.
The purpose of this study is to explore online shopping behavior in Indonesia. The focus of the study is the behavior of accounting students as they are online shopping customers. Research Methods: The research methodology is carried out using a questionnaire survey distributed among 295 samples. The data obtained were analyzed by using the statistic technique of descriptive analytics. The findings indicate that students often use online shopping through mobile applications to buy products such as fashions and books. Students also use several online shopping applications as a choice. This study also points out that affordable prices, discount, special offers, and special programs for students as well as security guarantees are essential aspects which are expected by students as online shopping customers. This study contributes to tracing online shopping behavior among accounting students and understanding their perceptions of online shopping.
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