Project Management Challenges in Implementing Business Intelligence Approach inside Organizations

Dragos Dantis
JEL codes: 
M00 - General.
One of the key pillars of organizations for a long time has been to build successful businesses, conquer new markets and overcome turning points in the functioning of their products and services. In practical terms the managers of the companies had to answer to a simple and complex question in the same time, not only towards investors, but as well towards themselves: “How should be managed the company with the available resources in an effective way to arrive to the planned results?” Between the lines this question addresses the path to be adopted by each organization to link the mission with the vision and with the objectives to be met. For many practitioners in the field the answer to the above-mentioned question is rather modest: “the implementation of a business intelligence approach”. As we are in the age of knowledge management and the information is characterized by large scale availability, many would say that the answer is quite easy to implement. Nevertheless, professionals with experience would treat with a certain amount of respect this field and would say this has been among the challenges of their career and supported them in understanding better the dynamics of organizations. Present research paper, links itself to this scenario and would start from the premises that implementing a business intelligence approach constitutes a “must have” for an organization, rather than a “nice to have”. It aims at identifying the challenges behind such projects, trying to deliver at the end some answers to the main tests identified.
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