Recession and Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Naithani, Pranov
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D2 - Production and Organizations, D6 - Welfare Economics, J1 - Demographic Economics, J2 - Demand and Supply of Labor, M12 - Personnel Management; Executive Compensation, M5 - Personnel Economics.
Over the last six decades work-life balance has emerged as an important human resource management aspect for employers.Globally, a wide gamut of work-life balance facilities is being provided by a large number of organisations. Recent economic downturn has witnessed a sudden interruption in the spread and growth of work-life balance facilities at organisational level. This paper presents the key recessionary reasons which have negatively influenced employee work-life balance. Further, important recession specific benefits which organisations can avail due to enhanced employee work-life balance have been presented followed by suggestions for adapting work-life balance facilities under current economic downturn as well as in any such situation in the future.
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