Relationship between Mentoring Program Characteristics and Mentees’ Career: A Study in a Malaysian Public University

Ismail, Azman
Daud, Nik Ghazali Nik
Hassan, Aveleena Afzan
Kho Khian Jui, Michael
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M1 - Business Administration, M12 - Personnel Management; Executive Compensation.
This study was conducted to measure the relationship between mentoring program and mentees’ career using 153 usable questionnaires gathered from employees who have worked in a public university in Sarawak, Malaysia. The results of exploratory factor analysis confirmed that the measurement scales used in this study satisfactorily met the standards of validity and reliability analyses. Next, the outcomes of stepwise regression analysis showed two important findings: firstly, formal mentoring positively and significantly correlated with mentees’ career.Secondly, informal mentoring positively and significantly correlated with mentees’career. Further, this result demonstrates that mentoring program does act as an important predictor of mentees’ career in the mentoring model of the organizational sample. In addition, discussion, implications and conclusion are elaborated.
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