Tourism and Local Government Case Study: Region of Saranda

Rakela Thano
Veronika Kallanxhi
JEL codes: 
L83 - Sports; Gambling; Recreation; Tourism.
Local authorities play a significant role in the development of the tourism industry for a region, including the provision of various services and infrastructure. Local government has a role in partnership with the tourism industry to ensure the economic viability of their communities. Tourism offers to small and rural communities are significant opportunities for social and economic development, such as increasing income and employment. The aim of the study is to explore the involvement of local authorities in the field of tourism, their activities for the development of tourism in the region of Saranda and to issue suggestions for further development of tourism in the region. The study period is: 2007-2015. Data taken from the Statistical Yearbook of the District of Saranda. Sarande local governments cannot ignore tourism as an economic sector after the increase in tourist visitors has exceeded the average number of visitors who have visited Albania. The results show that despite the current actions undertaken by local authorities in the region, there is still need for more efforts to promote tourism and to provide more opportunities for encouraging the development of tourism.
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