Trends and Analyzes regarding Vulnerabilities in the Agricultural Sector. A Bibliometric Study

Gabriela-Dalila Stoica
Maria Cristina Sterie
JEL codes: 
Q10 - General, Q54 - Climate; Natural Disasters; Global Warming.
This study presents a literature review of the vulnerabilities faced by the agricultural sector (economic vulnerabilities, climate vulnerabilities, and social vulnerabilities) and a bibliometric analysis of the studies published on this topic. The agricultural sector is highly sensitive to current economic, climate, and social changes. The results show that research on this topic has grown rapidly in recent times, demonstrating the increased interest from academia. It was also noted that the topic is being addressed by researchers in 69 countries. The US has participated most in the formation of the literature on the topic of vulnerabilities in the agricultural sector, followed by Brazil and China. The most common research topics studied include issues related to education, health, and food security, but also social issues (politics, population, inequality, etc.).
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