The peer review process



The review of articles submitted to REJ is a task undertaken by two reviewers, Romanian or foreign, under the peer blind review system.

Romanian Economic Journal (REJ) undertakes a very serious double-blind peer-review and carefully selects reviewers for submitted manuscripts from among the top scholars in the field. Reviewers must fulfill the following criteria:

ü  Not be affiliated with the same institution as the author(s);

ü  Not have co-authored publications with the author(s) for the last 5 years;

ü  Hold a PhD degree and/or be a recognized expert in the field;

Reviewers evaluate articles on the following criteria:

  • Original work;
  • Correct use of the methodology;
  • Research results are clearly presented and support the conclusions;
  • Bibliographic sources indicate previous research that is relevant to the subject matter.

Both the author(s) and the referees remain anonymous in the evaluation process.

Reviewers will not correct or edit the paper submitted for evaluation.

The final decision of acceptance or rejection of the article is taken by the Editorial Board based on evaluations received from the two reviewers.