The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Săveanu, Mircea On the issue of Roşia Montană gold exploitation An application and extension of the Arrow-Fisher uncertainty model on... 17/03/2015 2015/03/17
Munteanu, Claudiu-Catalin Competitive differentiation through brand extensions in the era of hyper competition 17/03/2015 2015/03/17
Ganić, Mehmed What drives the profitability of the banking sector? An Empirical evidence from Bosnia &Herzegovina 17/03/2015 2015/03/17
Dinică, Mihai Cristian Testing the Weak-Form Market Eficiency of the Euronext Wheat 17/03/2015 2015/03/17
Aluculesei, Alina - Cerasela Organizational Stress for Retail Store Employees in Romania Is Spa Tourism a Solution? 17/03/2015 2015/03/17
Micu, Alexandra The Financial Crisis and the Management of Change in the Banking Sector 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Popescu, Maria-Floriana THE ECONOMY AND ENERGY OF THE BLACK SEA REGION 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Țarțavulea, Ramona Iulia (Dieaconescu) Implementation of corporate governance principles in Romania 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Nadotti, Loris Lino Maria Catastrophe Bonds Structures at European Level – A Cluster Analysis Approach 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Ivanovici, Mina The Creative Industries: Before and After the Crisis 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Iamandi, Irina-Eugenia Corporate Social Responsibility through Education and Sport. An EU Comparative Case 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Hurduzeu, Gheorghe Fiscal Revenues in the European Union. A Comparative Analysis 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Diaconescu, Mirela Simulation Model for Foreign Trade During the Crisis in Romania 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Buta, Simona Human Capital and Knowledge Emergence. Induced Effects of the Global Crisis on Human capital and Innovation 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Bradea, Ioana Alexandra Risks in hospitals. Assessment and Management 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Bordeianu, Otilia Maria The Need for Knowledge Management Strategy for Organisations Facing Changes 2014/12/23 2014/12/23
Terzea, Elena Ramona The Evolution of the Romanian Trade Balance in the Trade with the EU Member States (1991-2012) 2014/12/17
Sahoo, Kalpana Foreign Aid and Its Environmental Implication in India 2014/12/16
Zghidi, Nahed Financial Development, Trade Openness and Economic Growth in North African Countries 2014/12/16
Tabash, Mosab I. Islamic Banking and Economic Growth — A cointegration Approach 2014/12/16