The list of articles, whether published or unpublished

Authors Article title Published at Post date
Nikolaos Dritsakis Trade Openness and Economic Growth: A Panel Cointegration and Causality Analysis for the Newest EU Countries 2016/03/30
Nouha Bougharriou On the determinants of democracy in the Arab World 2016/03/30
Farwa Amjad Dynamics of FDI, Technological Transformation and Environmental Degradation in Developing Countries: A Panel Analysis 2016/03/30
Dóra Zolcsák The effect of political leaders on economic growth through institutional change 2015/12/26
Adrian Petre The Impact of Foreign Direct Investments on Economic Growth in Romania 2015/12/26
Nahed Zghidi Remittances, Economic Freedom, and Economic Growth in North African Countries 2015/12/26
Rahmi Yamak Comparing Equation of Exchange and Wage-Cost Mark-up Identity for Turkish Economy 2015/12/26
Ramona Iulia Țarțavulea (Dieaconescu) Estimating a corporate governance index for companies in Greece 2015/12/26
Banu Tanrıöver Business Cycle Asymmetry: Deepness and Steepness in Turkey 2015/12/26
Saibu Olufemi Muibi Determining Optimal Crude Oil Price Benchmark in Nigeria: An Empirical Approach 2015/12/26
Khoutem Ben Jedidia Trade openness-financial development nexus: Bounds testing approach and causality tests for Tunisia 2015/12/26
Victor Danciu The Controversy of Corporate Social Responsibility: What Is Best For Business 2015/12/26
Orîndaru, Andreea Developing Marketing Higher Education Strategies Based on Students’ Satisfaction Evolution 2015/09/23
Hurduzeu, Raluca The Project of ‘Psychological Capitalization’ of the Romanian Wheat 2015/09/23
Zai, Paul Vasile Case study regarding local revenue collection rate in Romania between 2008-2013 2015/09/23
Voicu – Dorobanțu, Roxana Resilience or Flexibility– A Theoretical Approach on Romanian Development Regions 2015/09/23
Serkan, Taştan Is Current Account of Turkey Sustainable ? Evidence from Nonlinear Unit Root Tests 2015/09/23
Niculescu, Florentin Gabriel An Evaluation of the Economic Theoretical Potential of the Rural Environment Mismanged During 1956-2010 2015/09/23
Jora, Octavian-Dragomir Economic Freedom and Cultural Flourishing: A Praxeological Account on Value, Capital, Sustainability, and Identity 2015/09/23
Hurduzeu, Gheorghe An Analysis of Economic Growth, Competitiveness and Macroeconomic Imbalances in the European Union 2015/09/23